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The DabSponge is a new but simple innovation for cleaning your bowls, bangers and inserts for any oil rig. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products, specifically made for dabs and rigs, at a price everyone can afford. Unlike other popular cleaning solutions for oil rigs, DabSponges are heat resistant when wet and reusable.

When Will Your Store Be Open?

- Our team is currently working hard with our manufacturer on perfecting packaging and delivery options. Our store will launch in Q1 of 2018. Click here to be notifed by email once we are ready for orders. 

What is a DabSponge?

- A DabSponge is our solution to cleaning your bangers, bowls and inserts between dabs.

What is a DabSponge made out of?

- The sponge made out of an eco-friendly foam on a birch wood handle. The sponge like foam is heat resistant when wet and flexible to fit most banger, bowls or inserts. The epoxy glue used to hold the sponge is specifically intended to withstand high heat so it will not drip or affect your rig. 

Will the DabSponge Melt Inside My Banger or Bowl?

- The DabSponge is specifically made to be heat-resistant when wet so you must dunk your DabSponge in isopropyl alcohol before cleaning a hot banger, bowl or insert. When completely dry, the DabSponge has a melting temperature of 752°F or 400°C.

How Do I Use the DabSponge?

- The DabSponge is specifically made to clean your banger, bowl or insert. For detailed instructions, click here to visit our How-To page.

What is the Lifespan of a DabSponge?

- The lifespan of your DabSponge varies by usage. On average, each sponge can be used multiple times daily for about one week before being disposed. This is much more eco-friendly than the traditional single use cotton swab. 

Are There Any Health Concerns When Using the DabSponge?

- The DabSponge is perfectly safe to use as instructed on our how to page. If used correctly, the DabSponge is able to withstand high temperatures when wet. Caution should always be used when handling hot objects including the DabSponge itself immediately after cleaning.  

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